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Some "unexpected" reasons that make the application process for Vietnam visa fail

Many people think that applying for a Vietnam visa is simple and quick. In fact, your application may fail because of language barriers or legal differences. Especially for those who are applying for a visa for the first time, mistakes are inevitable. There are countless reasons why the Embassy rejected your application and you have to delay your flight. This will be bad when work, plans in Vietnam cannot be delayed like flights.     I. Information in the application for Vietnam visa is incomplete You need to prepare some necessary documents to submit to Vietnam Embassy in the host country. Failure to research carefully will cause your profile to be omitted. This is a reason why the Embassy refused. This cause is common with those who apply for a visa for the first time. Confusion and lack of understanding can cause you to overlook some details that you personally feel are unnecessary. In order for the Vietnamese Embassy to review your application, you should prepare the following do
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Evisa Vietnam Applying for a visa without the "bad luck" factor

Applying for a Vietnam visa can be risky for many people. You need to complete all kinds of lengthy documents and wait at the Vietnamese embassy. Now, you can reduce the "chance" factor by 99% when choosing Evisa Vietnam . Online visa application service provided by a local company will help you to ensure that you have a Vietnam visa on hand after 48 hours of work.   I. Simple online procedure The most common troubles when getting a Vietnam visa is the complicated procedure and having to go to the Embassy. Evisa Vietnam is the ideal choice for people far away from the Vietnamese Embassy. We provide electronic visa services provided by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. You just need to perform procedures right on your phone, laptop and anywhere. What are the advantages of online Vietnam visa application procedures? The online registration form is completely simple. You just need to comply with the specific information requested. You do not need to waste time going to Vie

Why 90% of customers like to choose Visa Vietnam online?

Administrative procedures, language and legal problems are a barrier that many people have difficulty for applying for a Vietnam visa. Visa Vietnam online helps you simplify the process of applying for a Vietnam visa. You will have a convenient way to get Vietnam visa without spending as much time as when proceeding at the Embassy as usual.     I. Visa Vietnam online - Stay at home to apply 1.1 Foreigners like to apply for visa Vietnam online or offline? Applying for a visa is a mandatory requirement for foreign citizens when entering Vietnam. There are two popular forms of Visa application that are to the Vietnamese Embassy in the host country or at the airport. However, the biggest disadvantage of these two forms is that the procedure is complicated and takes a lot of time. For those inexperienced, there will be many obstacles. The digital age makes applying for a Vietnam visa simpler and more convenient. The lack of documents in the first preparation is the reason why the visa app

Vietnam visa on arrival conveniently by online service, no passport required

The implementation of visa procedures to enter Vietnam that will make many people feel tired and time consuming. To optimize  Vietnam visa on arrival , you can choose another simpler way. You do not need to go to Embassy, ​​the online Vietnam visa service will do it all for you.   Vietnam visa on arrival   I. Are you tired of the complicated procedures for  Vietnam visa on arrival ? Vietnam is becoming an attractive destination to travel, study, repatriate, ... However, visa application to Vietnam has become a big barrier for many people. Although they love Vietnam very much, many people delay their trip because of the complicated visa application process. Applying visa at the embassy makes many people be tired because of time consuming and high risk of failure. To get a  Vietnam visa on arrival , you need to prepare the necessary documents and bring it to the Vietnamese Embassy in your country. It takes few days, you have to wait. Legal and language barriers can delay your application

5 minutes to get to know all about the process of get visa vietnam

Get Visa Vietnam   is difficult or easy depending on your level of knowledge about the visa procedures. The following sharing will help you to have a general view to the most detailed about the Vietnam visa application process, ensuring a higher visa passing rate.   Getting a Visa Vietnam   I. Is the procedure to get visa Vietnam difficult? Procedures to  get visa Vietnam  for foreigners. Visa is a document proving whether you have legally entered the country of Vietnam in particular or not. Except for countries covered by the visa exemption policy, according to the Vietnamese government, foreigners who want to enter Vietnam are required to apply for a Vietnam visa. Each country will have different visa procedures. This requires the person applying for the seal to be familiar with these specific "rules of the game". If you do not have much experience in applying for a Vietnam visa, you can easily be confused by many lengthy procedures. So, you will have a legal visa acceptanc

Knowledge Of Vietnam Visa And E-Visa

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT EVISA VIETNAM AND VIETNAM VISA   I. General questions.   1. What is Evisa Vietnam and Vietnam visa? Vietnam visa  is a type of necessary travel document which is granted by competent authorities of Vietnam for providing permission to enter, leave or stay in Vietnam country during a specific time period. And  Evisa Vietnam  is a kind of visa that is issued via electronic system to foreigners by Vietnamese Immigration Department.  2. Differences between a passport and a visa? A passport is issued for the citizen of countries that has demand to make international trips or business overseas and identification. While a visa is an endorsement that is placed within a passport for holders officially permission to enter, stay or leave Vietnam in a specific time mentioned in the visa. 3. How long is an Evisa Vietnam (Vienam visa) valid for? An Evisa Vietnam is for single entry and valid for 30 days only. However, you can request the visa's validity in only 15 days

Guide to get visa vietnam from a to z

Quick & easy guide on the best way to   get visa Vietnam . Understanding the procedures and laws of Vietnam is to help your visa application fully. Correct and complete applications will be reviewed and processed promptly. 1. What is Vietnam Visa? Vietnam visa  is a kind of travel documents granted by Vietnamese competent authorities, providing permission to travel to and enter Vietnam. 2. What is evisa vietnam (E-visa vietnam)? An electronic visa ( E-visa  or  Evisa Vietnam ) is one of visa types issued to foreigners by Vietnamese Immigration Department via electronic system. Vietnam Visa a is valid for maximum of 30 days, single entry. 3. The difference between the forms of visa application Vietnam vietnam visa on arrival You don't have to go to Vietnam embassy to apply for a visa. All you need to do is send us your information, we will apply for you and send back a Approval letter and you could entry Vietnam, you will get visa sticker and stamp in international ports on arri